6 Exercises That Reveal How Fit You Really Are

6 Exercises That Reveal How Fit You Really Are

Certain exercises take years to master as they require you to develop strength, control, and flexibility of your body. These moves demand high fitness levels even before you can try doing them. But, once you get them right and it becomes child’s play to pull it off, you’ll be among the fittest people in your gym. These 10 awe-inspiring workout moves are something you must try and achieve.

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1. Aztec Push-Ups

These elite push-ups require an explosion of power and flexibility, which requires you burst out of a push-up and touch your toes in mid-air. Practice on a carpet or soft mat initially, so that you can prevent getting hurt. Try knee-touches and frog-push-ups before attempting the Aztec.


  • Begin with dynamic push-ups by lowering down and pushing off the ground explosively.
  • Mid-air, touch your toes with your fingers and return to the starting position.

2. Muscle Up

This is a classic CrossFit workout in which the muscle up begins like a pull-up and ends like a dip. It requires both upper body and core strength as well as skill.


  • Initially, try to master strict pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and dips using Olympic rings.
  • Use a box or lower the bar to jump into the muscle-up movement and practice the transition.
  • Then, practice muscle-ups on the high bar or Olympic rings.

3. Human Flag

The human flag exercise requires complete body control, where your core and upper body strength play a crucial role. Also, you must be patient as this can take many years to master. Lean body mass is a huge plus.


  • First, try to master the dragon flag, elevated one-arm side plank (with your feet on a box or bench), and handstand pushups.
  • When you can perform them, try the human flag on a thin pole as it’s easier to grip onto.
  • Keep your dominant arm on top, and use opposite grips (top palm faces front; bottom faces behind you).
  • Kick your legs up in a bent position first and progress to a straight body position.

4. Pistol

This move is a lot more difficult than it appears. The pistol squat recruits your entire core, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and ankles. It’s great for correcting imbalances in your leg muscles.


  • First, practice one-legged squats.
  • Then, try pistols using a chair (start in a seated position, extend one leg and arms out in front of you and stand up).
  • Ensure your bent knee tracks in-line with your toes and doesn’t cave inward. As you get better at it, switch the chair to a low box, then try a full pistol, and when you master that, add weights.

5. Extended Full-Body Plank

This type of planks is among the most effective ones out there. Holding a plank for three minutes, or even 10 is not enough. What you must do is the full-body plank, which works almost every muscle in the body.


  • Begin from a plank position with a towel or slider under your toes.
  • Slowly slide back, stretching your body until your arms are in front of you.
  • Then, slide out further until your entire body is straight and only your palms and toes are touching the floor.

6. Handstand Push-Ups

Handstand push-ups clearly demonstrate the kind of power and control you have over your body. These push-ups improve your balance and increase strength in your core and lower back. Moreover, they look pretty impressive, too.


  • Begin by practicing regular handstands against a wall.
  • Then, try handstand push-ups keeping your feet on a high box or bench (called a pike press).
  • Slowly, graduate to handstand push-ups against the wall, and then try freestanding.

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