Painless Labour

Giving Birth To A Baby & Becoming Mother is the best feeling and a start of a wonderful journey. The bond you share with an unborn baby while nine months comes to a climax with the arrival of your baby. Every mother goes through a painful birthing process but they forgot all the pain after the arrival of her bundle of joy. 

Previously, mothers undergo painful normal delivery to give birth. The alternative way to birth a child is a C-section. It is a painless delivery or ‘Epidural analgesia’ that makes the mother feel less pain during the birth.

Get Guidance on painless delivery and more details about this medical service explicitly by professional doctors at Sowmya Hospitals. You can achieve this painless labor by giving a form of regional anaesthesia.

Epidural anaesthesia is administered through an injection in the lower back of the mother. Within 10-15 minutes, the drug start affecting and helping women with a lower pain-bearing capacity. If not okay with this painless delivery choose the alternative option ie., C-Section.

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