Top 7 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Better

Top 7 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Better

‘A healthy, home-cooked meal is a must for kids’ – your family and friends may have reiterated this statement. Well, you know it is tough. Making your kids eat a proper meal at least once a day is a daunting task. They will give you all the reasons in the world to get away from food. And you may even resort to threatening them. Sometimes, none of your techniques work. Try these seven ways to get your kids to eat better.

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1. Make A Schedule

Kids usually require three meals and two snacks a day. Plan their timings accordingly. Over a period of time, they will get used to the schedule. Do not entertain unnecessary and unhealthy snacks. Munching when they are not hungry will fill their tummy and rack up extra calories.

2. Know Their Likes And Dislikes

Being a mother does not mean that your choice is indisputable. Sometimes, your kids dislike a dish for genuine reasons. Yes, it is difficult to understand the difference between stubbornness and dislike. Talking to them about their favorite food choices will give you an idea. But, these conversations should not happen at the dinner table. This does not mean that you should give in every time. Make them feel that they are part of decision making.

3. Be Creative

You may have heard this before. It is not an easy job. But, it is worth trying as it makes your kids love their food. They may eat the meals if it looks attractive. Put a smiley face on pancakes. Cut different shapes out of fruits. Try giving funny names to dishes. The internet will give you a lot of creative food ideas.

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4. Get Them To Cook

Get your little masters to the kitchen and let them help you in cooking. Involving them in the process will help in generating interest for food. If they are too young, let them watch you cook. Explain the process to them. Of course, you should make it interesting. Do not piss them off with your ‘saute this’ or ‘stir that’ kind of cooking class talks.

5. Appreciate Healthy Choices

Wondering whether this will happen in your house? Yes, of course. Your kids might be finicky eaters. But, sometimes without any compulsion, they may pick up fruits or vegetables. Praise them for their healthy choice. This encourages them to repeat it. Who does not like to hear a word of appreciation from their mummy again?

6. Cut Down on Junk

A total ban on junk food may not help. There is no harm in giving them treats once in a while. But, reduce junk. Keeping junk foods at your home at the minimum will restrict your kids from eating it. Left with no other options, they may start eating fruits or other healthy foods.

7. Family Dinners

Kids who eat dinner with their families will have healthier diets. Eating together, your little ones will see the variety of fruits and vegetables their parents eat. Make sure your food quality and quantity are good enough. Be a good role model for your kids. Your kids follow what you and your partner do. If you cannot pull it off every day, make it possible whenever you can.

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Do not force your kids. They may become even more resistant to eating. Remember, even they have bad times. Their appetite also varies. Instead of yelling at them, try to make their mealtimes enjoyable.

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