Can Cinnamon Help Your Sexual Health?

Can Cinnamon Help Your Sexual Health?

Cinnamon does not just warm your home with its heady scent, it can do much more for you in the bedroom too! From helping you overcome erectile dysfunction to restoring your libido, cinnamon could be the solution you have been looking for. So tap into the healing powers of the spice to make the most of your sex life.

Here is why you should consider taking the spice for the sake of your sexual health!

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Combat Sugar-Related Sexual Issues

Elevated blood sugar levels and diabetes can cause nerve damage or diabetic neuropathies. This may result in erectile dysfunction in men or climax without normal ejaculation and vaginal dryness or problems with arousal and orgasm in women. 

One forum for diabetics estimates that about half of all men and a quarter of all women living with diabetes may have some form of sexual problem or dip in desire due to their condition. In men, diabetes can adversely impact sperm parameters, resulting in infertility, impotence, and retrograde ejaculation.

Cinnamon can help you gain better control over your blood sugar problems and alleviate symptoms of diabetes. So if you are someone with diabetes or blood sugar regulation issues, taking this spice could help you overcome problems with libido and nerves and improve your sex life.

Benefits Of Cinnamon For Your Sexual Health

Beat Fatigue And Rev Up Energy

The invigorating smell of cinnamon is perfect to overcome fatigue or tiredness so you can give your sex life a burst of energy.

The spice contains methylhydroxychalcone polymer, which acts as a regulator of blood glucose levels. So when you have cinnamon, your body uses up excess sugar as energy instead of storing it up.

Get To The Heart Of Your Sex Life

According to the American Heart Association, sex life is one of the main concerns for both women and men who have cardiovascular disease.

While women with heart problems may need to consult their doctor before they start birth control or even try and get pregnant, men may have sexual issues like erectile dysfunction as a result of cardiovascular problems.

Cinnamon is good for cardiovascular health and this, in turn, is important to ensure you have a full and healthy sex life.

Relieve Pressure On Your Sexual Health

Having high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction in men due to impaired blood flow and damage to your vascular system.

In women, high blood pressure may cause exhaustion and fatigue, killing interest in sex and dampening that libido. Cinnamon is able to lower blood pressure.The spice contains cinnamaldehyde, which helps dilate blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

Up Your Sex Hormone Balance

Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon can balance sex hormones in women, bumping up the levels of progesterone in relation to testosterone.

This hormone is needed for a woman to get pregnant and also for the fetus to be carried to full term – an important part of sexual health for any couple looking to conceive.

Cinnamon can also help tackle problems like dysmenorrhea or painful periods by boosting those progesterone levels. Another reason you need progesterone, if you are female, is to keep your sex drive going. Low progesterone levels have been associated with a dip in libido as well.

Benefits Of Cinnamon For Sexual Health

Improve Blood Flow To The Uterus

Cinnamon has also been used to boost blood circulation to the uterus – an extension, perhaps, of its abilities to work on your vascular system and improve blood flow in general.


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